Update Your Living-Room With Under $80

I absolutely LOVE redecorating and changing the mood in my house. It is an obsession. So, I have learned how to do this with a very small budget.

My living-room was previously yellow and light blue. I love the trending grey and white living rooms I have been seeing lately, so I jumped on the bandwagon.

Now, the most important thing I keep in mind when decorating my house, is to BUY NEUTRAL COLORS when spending big bucks. I bought curtains, couches and furniture that I knew would go well with any color so that when I got the urge to change things up again, I could splash different colors into my living-room easily and without huge purchases.

Here is how I changed my yellow and blue living room into a grey and white living room:

First, the pillows. Instead of throwing away the two pillows that didn’t match, I bought pillow covers from Hobby Lobby. I then splurged a little and bought three brand new ones from Gordmans, but only because they were on sale for $10 each and over-sized.

2pillowcovers 3newpillows

Then the entertainment center area. I replaced the pictures in my picture frames with scrapbook paper I had stashed away in my craft closet. If you don’t own any, Michaels sells different 1 sheet patterns for around $0.50 each. I already owned the small candles and the large vase that was originally blue that I spray painted white. The smaller picture frame I grabbed from Goodwill, where I do A LOT of buying and donating. The larger candle stick came in a set of 3 that I purchased from Wal-mart for pretty cheap.

candleandsmallphoto vaseandphoto

My favorite part of the new decor was the coffee table center. I snagged the two candlestick holders, small flowerpot and silver plate from, you guessed it, Goodwill. I added a little spray paint makeover and there you have it! A beautiful center piece.


My coffee table has an under-table as well, so to decorate that I just added a basket to hide the remote controls, and 4 books that I already owned. To make the books match the outfit, I took their covers off. It took a bit of stripping down of books to find some that all matched and matched the living room as well.


And last but not least, the gallery wall. Now, I find myself CONTINUOUSLY adding to my gallery wall. That’s why I love gallery walls;  you can continue to make them an on-going project. A few frames from Goodwill, some more spray-paint, large picture of Allen and myself, an awesome cube-shelf-find, an on-sale mini-lantern, some Hobby Lobby letters and some more scrapbook paper and you’ve got yourself a great start to a gallery wall.


Total price of re-decorating : about $75.24

I love finding things and making them new. Decorating, for me, can be like artwork.