What I’m Loving This Month – December

December Favorite Things

1. Nora Robert’s Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. I fell completely in love with these characters; especially Ryder, whom I fell MADLY in love with by the third novel. This series was perfect to cozy up with during the winter last year, and I plan on doing it again this year.

2. Chai tea in my completely thrift-ed German Porcelain Tea set that I scraped off of the goodwill stacks for only $30!

3. Heart shaped Jewelry Box. This I also thrift-ed for 80cents. It has a beautiful red felt inside.

4. Cosmo’s “Under $50” from November. Look at all those gold gifts! Couldn’t help but love this.

5. My grandmother’s pearls. Yes, they are real pearls! Set she gave me this set one afternoon as we were discussing future wedding colors and accessories. She is the main person who understands my love for pearls and golden things. The pearls are set in a beautiful yellow-gold casing. I look at these everyday. Seriously.

6. Burt’s Bees. Gotta have Burt’s Bees for winter. “Apricot” is the shade; it’s perfectly light pink with a gold hue (catching a theme yet?).

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