Teaching discipline, or atleast trying to

I’ve learning as I get older that having discipline is very important. I don’t mean grounding yourself for staying out until 1 in the morning. I mean challenging yourself to do things that maybe you do not WANT to do but NEED to do. For me, the greatest challenge with my discipline is fitness. I have always been an athlete, playing sports in high school and getting involved with gyms in my area. But now that I have moved to a VERY small town with the Doc and we are in the midst of settling down (yikes!), I have become aware that my discipline has met its match… there is not a gym within a close proximity to my house. This means, I am in charge of my own fitness. Which also means my discipline is going to be challenged. So, I have resorted to teaching myself to love running. Although I was a soccer player for 13 years, I never liked long distance running if it didn’t involve scoring goals or kicking a soccer ball. I get really excited at the beginning of my run, feeling confident and strong, only to look at my stopwatch and find that only 2 minutes has passed and I still have 28 more to go! So, I created something to make my runs a little easier on the stopwatch and easier on the discipline. I’ll share it with you…

Basically, you pick five great pump-up songs and five awesome slow songs. Beginning with a your pump-up song, you job. Then as the songs change, change your pace; fast songs = jog and slow songs = walk. This is interval running and I hear its the best way to burn fat. The changing of your pace keeps your body guessing and your heart going nuts. I love it. And I love the music, so it goes by fast. And I NEVER look at my stopwatch cause I know where I am in my workout according to which song is playing. Try it! This maneuver has helped me become more disciplined and has taught me something. As we get older, we have to learn to teach ourselves that giving up on things is not an option. Adapting though, is. So instead of giving up on my fitness and using the excuse that there is no gym and I hate running, I adapted. Whether it is your fitness routine or the job you are beginning to hate, adapting is important and, I think, it shows maturity and growth. Right?

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