There Shall Come a Day

It has come to my attention that maintaining a successful blog is a full-time job.

So, as I sit here taking full advantage of my Thanksgiving break, pondering about what to write next and how many readers have forgotten about me, I can’t help but wish that I had more time to do the things that make me happy. For example, life would be wonderful if every day I could write, read and ponder how to solve world hunger. Since none of those pay the bills at the moment, I am out of luck. 
Am I the only one that deals with this? There must be other college students out there fighting through temporary jobs and day to day “have-to” activities. I will go ahead and assume you exist when I say this:
There is a light at the end of the tunnel my friends. What gets me through these hard days is knowing that there WILL be a day when I am doing something that fully makes me happy. There will be a day when I wake up and not feel like I am going to work but spending another day doing what I love. There will be a day when I am operating under passion and not under force. To make sure I get there, I try to remind myself of my long term goals every day. I will not settle and I will not give up on the idea that my dream job exists. Although I am capable of being realistic, I am not ready to give into the realities that shadow dreams. For me, as long as these dreams still exist and I believe there will be a day that they become a reality, my everyday becomes easier to get through. My everyday becomes just another stepping stone to get to that day. 
Today’s post may have been cheesy and cliché. Today’s post may not reach anybody. But it was a much needed vent for me. As I have said before, this blog will not only serve a purpose for my readers but for me as well. So, since I have used tonight’s blog space for some self-venting, please, readers, use the comment space to do the same. 
Twenty-somethings, what keeps you motivated? What makes your days easier? Or are your days even hard and you have some advice to share with us about what got you through in the past?

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